A long drive with friends.

A Beer with college friends.

Laying on the bed for extra sleep,

A hot cup of coffee after that sitting on the balcony with a beautiful view.

A body massage in spa,

10 min of deep meditation.

Yoga on the beach.

Relax music in the ear with a cold drink.

Netflix with partner in the night.

This all I need to refresh myself after doing the intense work and then start again.

In dark, there is the absence of light.

In light, there is the absence of dark,

In both cases, sometimes dark is there, and sometimes the light is there.

In order to achieve greatness, you have to go through the darkness.

there is an old saying…“There is a light at…

To be very honest, it's hard to wake up in the morning every day.

Every morning it's a battle between me and my alarm. I always set alarm at 8 am but I always wake up at 8.30 to 9.00.

This happens every day the reason because I slept late…

I have found one random image and in that image it shows there is one bowl and in that bowl, there are lots of chits are there and people picking up the shits and in that chit whatever had written, you have to do the task.

Basically this the game…

At the first time, we are friends and whenever we walk on the road we hold the hand just like friends but it seems we are in love but we never realize that…

But after 2 years of friendship finally, she proposed to me and now we are in a relationship but now when I hold the hand of her…some amazing feeling comes inside… I can say that feeling of love and care.

when you are in love and try to hold your partner's hand it feels awesome.

Isn't it.

Dear Diary,

  1. I want to become successful in life
  2. I want to become fit.
  3. I want to have a good relationship in the future.
  4. I want to travel the world.
  5. I want to have a dream house in the future.

I know if I want all of this I have to pay the price because nothing comes free in this world.

So these are the entry I have in my diary.

Goals of the life.

Basically, there are lots of movies but there is one Tollywood movies which I like the most and the movie name is KGF Chapter-1…And in this movie, there is one scene which makes me cry, whenever I see the movie.

So the scene goes like this… the actor name in…

When the sun rises it brings another day with a new opportunity, new hope, and lots of positive things.

And when the sun goes down it brings dark but that doesn't mean you will never see the day after the few hours, you will get to see the light.

The same thing happens in our life we face dark problem in our life, we have to face those dark times because it makes us strong to fight in the future.

We all know that after the dark the light will appear just like sunset and sunrise.

So if you're facing some problem in your life, remember the good time will come…only thing is that don't give up!

I am doing 75 hard programs… but what is 75hard? It is a program of mental toughness where I have to complete 5 critical tasks and right now I m in 24 days in.

To be very honest this program teaches us how to say no…And we all know that say no to our friends is very difficult.

Earlier I used to be that person but right now I learned how to say No.

My life had changed and I feel more confident to say no, without feeling sorry.

Now I know my priorities.

The wall says to the other wall…Hey man you became fat after marriage.

Wall replied… yeah man before marriage I used to be fit but after marriage, my wife made such a tasty mouth-watering food that I not able to refuse it.

And now I became a food addict…


Rahul jaiswar

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