31. Rewrite: Take any poem or short story you enjoy. Rewrite it in your own words.

Recently I had given a speech in toastmaster club and in that speech, I included one story of 2 wolves which I enjoy whenever I listen.

So the story goes like this…

Son- Granpa, I am not feeling sleepy today I want here a bedtime story.

Grandpa- All the time you want to hear a story but today I will tell a concise story of 2 wolves.

Dear son always remember each one has 2 wolves inside of us.

wolf 1 is cunning, he is selfish and he always thinks ill about others whereas wolf 2 is loving, he is caring, and he is emphatic about other.

wolf 1 will always get an aesthetic pleasure when he sees the agony of other but wolf 2 will always be happy when he sees the other prosperity.

so my question to you son, what do you think which wolf wins.

Son- Grandpa, I don't know, this is tough, you need to tell me the whole story.

Granpda- Dear son it's very simple out to these 2 wolves. The wolve you will feed that wolf will win in life.

If you feed the cunning one who is always angry and always think ill about others.

guess what…that wolve wins in life However, if you feed the wolves who are passionate who always care about others automatically that wolve will win.

So, Ladies and Gentleman, you need to feed upon the wolves who always care about others because love is the only thing that makes this whole world a very beautiful place to be in.